Xavier Vallat is French politician. Member of the Templar order, he was severely wounded by the Assassins during WWI. 


Before Episode 1 

He was Commissioner-General for Jewish Questions in the wartime Vichy collaborationist government until 1942, when the Templar Heinrich Otto Abetz asked Marechal Petain to dismiss him, so the Grand Master could more easily use Vallat’s power and ressources to serve the Order.  In 1944 following the assassination of Philippe Henriot by the Assassins, he was appointed head of the Vichy Radio, though remaining a powerful Templar. 

Episode 1 

His mission was to help Alexander Vidic in crushing the remaining of the Resistance and Assassins in France. 

They identified a potential assassin's recruit.
Episode 1 (1)

Discussing the Singer near the Templar Hideout

This recruit was a singer, sent to spy on the nazi's fighters in french bars. They agreed to forge her false ID a jewish person, to arrest her. They would use the newly appointed Right hand of Vidic, Claus, to hunt down the Singer. 

Episode 2

In 1945 in the Templar hideout, he was responsible for the protection of the Apple. However when an explosion occurred, he runaway.  

Later life

After years of running from the Assassins and the Templars alike, he was arrested by Heloise Milvago in 1947, judged then released in 1949 and amnestied in 1954. He died in 1972. 

Personality and characteristics 

He has a strong mind and is a very dedicated to the order, sacrifying his public face for the Templars' sake. He is one of Vidic's most trusted men.