Wilhelm was a highly decorated and skilled Generalmajor in the Wehrmacht during World War II.


Before Episode 1 

For his incredible combat and leadership skills, the Grand Master made him a Templar, and was also given the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. 

Episode 1 

As he was for a time the Grand Master right hand, he was sent to Russia to right the Russian Army. The Templar scheme was simple, as long as the war will scar the world and spirits; the more the peace would be needed after the war was over. Wilhelm Lorenz headed to Demyansk, Russia in December 1942. He was confronted by the Mentor there, who tried to kill him, though he escaped, he was injured during the fight.  The Mentor searched for him during the last days of 1942, and finally found him hidden near Demyansk. The weakened and alone Templar still saw the Mentor coming to kill him, but was unable to defend himself. He was killed after a short fight in January 1943. 

Personality and characteristics 

Wilhelm was a powerful Templar, a capable fighter and powerful leader. He knew a lot of things about the Assassins, including their rites. Vidic thought he would be the right soldier to control the battlefield in Russia, as he would see them coming.  Unfortunately, he was not skilled enough to kill the mentor.