Pearl was an Assassin and resistance fighter, Member of the Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.) born in Paris to British parents.


Early life

She fled with her mother and three sisters to the United Kingdom when the German invaded Paris. She joined the SOE shortly afterwards.

Although she was born in 1930, her date of birth was changed to prevent people from questioning her decisions.

Joining the Assassins

She was saved by Peter from a German assault after she was dropped by parachute, and he trained her, joining the Assassins.

She reorganized the network she was in charge with, which was at that time fielding over 1,500 members of the Maquis. This network was particularly important during the D-DAY, where they fought the German Army. The Nazi Government put a ƒ1,000,000 bounty on her head, and many Templars were on her tracks afterwards.

To get rid of her and her influence, the Germans ordered a group of 2,000 soldiers to attack her unit, engaging in a battle that would last 14 hours.

In the end, her unit killed 1,000 German soldiers while suffering very few casualties. She would cause the surrender of 18,000 German troops.

The Mentor asked her to get back to Paris to help Peter hide the apple, but she was already starting to take distance from the order to start a family.

Episode 3


Later life

Breaking contact with Peter shortly before 2000, she was spared during the purge and died in France in 2008.

Personality and characteristics


She is calmer and more patient than Peter, which is sometimes a source of conflict between them. She is a brilliant tactician, and the Mentor always had her check the plans he made not to miss anything.

Equipment and skills

She is stealth personified, and fights with two twin throwing knives. Some reports said she is also capable of fighting with anything in her reach, including axes or tools.

As a soldier in the SOE, she was also proficient with firearms and parachutes.


Pearl is based on a real life Resistance Fighter of the same name.