Marie is a Sage and a follower of Juno, active in 2016


Early life

Born Roxanne Lesskov, many of her files were mysteriously deleted from every computer system in 2012.

From the remnant of intel that was gathered, she was an assassin in the same guild as Dominique Lust, and fought alongside Emilio against Elena Levesque.

Joining Juno's Followers

Being part of the "larger threat" that Black Bird warned Emilio about, she became to experience memories that were not hers.

Realizing her life had been a lie, a masquerade she was living, waiting for her true purpose, she slaughtered every single Assassins she knew, and left to find Michael, the leader of Juno's followers. She was briefly in contact with John Standish before he went undercover in Abstergo's office.

Now, she had pushed away everything of her previous life, including Emilio, and wish to see Juno dominate the world.

Episode 3

Personality and skills


Contrary to the kind but fiery temper she had as an Assassin, she is now cold, dedicated to her cause.


She is probably one of the most powerful known fighter. Not only she got every single memory of her past life, she also benefited from Aita's combat experience. She also appeared to have an enhanced strength, for a human.