Ludwig Stumpfegger was a German SS doctor, and personal surgeon of Adolf Hitler. 


Early life

Ludwig had always been watched by the Templars. 

During the Italian renaissance, an infamous doctor under Cesare Borgia’s order was severely wounded by a courtesan. Knowing he would meet his end soon, the Doctor tried his best to ensure a lineage for his name.  The courtesans he could not lure into his trap were brutally killed. He met is end in 1502 at the hand of Ezio Auditore. 

Ludwig is long descendant of the infamous doctor. Very young, he suffered from Bleeding Effect each time he would see surgery.  His skills now even better than those of his ancestor, he became personal surgeon for Adolf Hitler in 1944. The Templars met him a bit before Hitler’s “suicide”, revealing him the truth about his lineage and the role of protecting the Apple from the Assassins. 

Hitler's fall

Stumpfegger was present in the Führerbunker in Berlin in late April 1945. Knowing the Assassins would soon overrun the Bunker; he used the Apple to lure them with Hitler’s decoy, and poisoned Adolf Hitler to make him an easy target. He escaped the Bunker, put on his ancestor’s mask and gave the Apple to Alexander Vidic.  Some people said they saw him dying in the moonlight, but reports said it was an illusion caused by the Apple’s powers. 

Episode 2 

Even if his actions were highly praised by Vidic, he was considered unstable for killing Hitler, and was therefore put under Claus’ command. When Peter was captured by the Templars, he tagged along with Claus to make him talk. 

The operation failed, and he was mortally wounded by Peter during his escape. Vidic decided to finish him by stabbing him with his hidden blade. 

Personality and characteristics 

Much like his ancestor, Ludwig is a skilled doctor, but enjoys torturing people as much as he is good at healing them.  He is very proud of his lineage, and feel himself more powerful and important as any people he knows, except Alexander Vidic. 


  • He has a real life counterpart 
  • His name is made of Malfatto, his ancestor name, and Folter (torture in german language).