Léon Faye was a former french resistance fighter. More precisely, he was a French officer and creator of the Intelligence Network “Alliance”, codename “The Eagle”. 

He was the Mentor the French Assassins branch. 


Early Life

The Mentor is a mysterious figure who was active during WWI and WWII, although his age is not known, it is assumed he was an assassin on the field at a very young age.  

When he got the title of Mentor, the Brotherhood decided he would have to stay hidden to avoid being caught again. One of his most trusted friend took his identity as Leon F., changing birth records and some battles records from WWI to fit with the older person who now portrayed him. Merging the two identities, Léon Faye and the Mentor became two different person, something Leon regretted in his later life. 

Leon adopted Peter when his parents were killed, and trained him to be an Assassin as soon as he could. 

Episode 1

When Peter was made a Master Assassin, he tasked him to protect the Singer, while he went directly on the field to stop a German general in Russia, Wilhelm Lorenz. 
Episode 1 (2)

The Mentor giving his orders to Peter

He had no difficulty to kill his opponent after a short fight. 

Episode 1 (4)

Fight with Wilhelm in Demiansk

Before Episode 2

When Paris was liberated in 1944 and Hitler’s Apple of Eden was missing, he decided to get one of his Master Assassins, Peter, to retrieve the Apple from the Templars. 

Episode 3


Later life


Personality and characteristics 

He is a paternal figure for Peter and Pearl. As a Mentor, he is as brilliant as strong, which makes him one of the most feared Assassins of that time. 

The Mentor had the habit of saying a few words of poet Robert Desnons to the Templar he killed. People never knew why. 


  • Leon is inspired of the real Leon Faye, a real resistance fighter whose codename was "the Eagle".