Jeanne Loviton was the mistress of Robert Denoel prior to his death.


Before December 1945

Jeanne became romantically involved with Robert Denoel a few years before his death. Even if the popular rumors said she was working for Denoel's rival, she was in reality working with the Followers of Juno, to make sure Denoel would not go public with the story behind the war, and the Precursors.

December 1945

After running away with Denoel, she met Peter who was supposed drive Denoel and her out of France. After a Templar attacked them, she took her chance and shot Denoel in the back, killing him, and injured Peter.

December 1945 (3)

Jeanne, after shooting Denoel

She left her handgun close to Peter, in hope he would be framed from the kill. However he escaped before the police arrived at the scene.
December 1945 (4)