Heloise is an Assassin from the WWII era, born in 1922 in Dusseldorf, and an ancestor of Gabrielle Addler. 


Early life

She is one of the few descendants of the artist bloodline Adler. His uncle Jankel Adler, was a famous painter of his time.  During her childhood she was in Spain where she learned the language.  The political idea of Jankel took them apart from any relation with Germany. Since the third Reich has considerated him as a "degenerate artist", he moved to Paris with her niece, in 1926. 

Heloise, whose real name was Esther, was renamed to avoid any persecutions. She was 14 when his "father" of substitution placed her in a telephone call center for working.  Meanwhile, Jankel, free from his obligations, spent his time between Italy, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania and the Soviet Union. These long absences were furnished by the new Heloise’s passion, phone spy, which, later put her in troubles. 

Member of the Deadly Birds

At the end of 1936, she joined the Assassins and was a member of the Deadly 3 with Peter Spizaetus and Heloise Milvago. 

Without understand how, she knew that the WWII was coming. 

His father returned to France in 1941. He tried to integrate the army, but he was physically ruined, and the army revoked him. He moved to England with Heloise, he trained his heir to his real business: Assassin. 

Episode 1

Heloise contacted Peter for a mission involving the Assassination of Philippe Henriot. They disguised themselves as Milice members, took away his bodyguard, and she killed him in cold blood. Other Resistance members were also assisting in this operation.  

Later life

Heloise left the Assassins after the war and married a man she knew during the conflict. They had a son together, who would become Gabrielle's father.

Personality and characteristics 


Her Level in close combat is deplorable, She knows it, and don’t hesitate to use gun, and messy weapons. 

She inherited a very good drawing skill from her ancestors. 


  • The assassin business dates, in Adler family, back to Solomon Adler, Baroque painter of the 17th century