The Deadly Birds was a group of three french Assassins who were active shortly before World War II.

Deadly Birds

The Deadly Birds in 1936

It was composed of Heloise Adler, Heloise Milvago and Peter Spizaetus, under the command of Mentor Leon Faye.

Adler was a brilliant Spy, while Milvago was a master of Stealth and Spizaetus a powerful fighter. They brought many Templars together, but were unable to prevent the takeover of Paris by the Nazi Forces.

They joined the Resistance and parted ways in 1939, being assigned to different places in France.

Ironically, they would all become ancestor of Gabrielle Adler. Spizaetus and Milvago will eventually marry and have a daughter, while Adler will have a son. The father of this son was erased from all known records.