Claus is a Templar and Alexander Vidic's personal enforcer.


Early Life

Claus was first a partisan of the Nazi ideology even if some aspects of the Reich he did not approved. Many times he was approached to enter the German resistance, but Claus' strong loyalty pushed him to decline. The Templars saw in him a powerful warrior and Ally, and monitored his activity. 

In 1940, Stauffenberg's unit was reorganized into the 6th Panzer Division. He was an officer in the Battle of France, for which he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. At that point, the Templars asked him to join their ranks, which he accepted.

Like the Assassins were already doing in France, a body-double for Claus was then put in replacement of the real one. Although the double was likely a prisoner who was offered freedom in exchange, he was a bit older and thus birth records were changed for Claus.

He was then directly under the supervision of Grand Master Alexander Vidic, whose goal was to take the Apple back from Hitler. 

Episode 1

He continued to wear the SS uniform, for the loyalty he had for the Reich.  

He was trained by the Grand Master after his double replaced him. His last field exam was to torture the Singer in order to know the Mentor's location, and though he was not able to make her talk, he killed her when Vidic asked him to. 

Episode 1 (6)

Claus and the Singer

He was made a member of the Order in 1942, as a reward him for his actions against the Assassins. 

Episode 2

Ironically, his double helped the Templars lead Operation Valkyrie and the operation failed. The fake Claus was executed after the operation.  

With Hitler's death and the Apple in the hands of the Templars thanks to his personal Surgeon, the war needed to end so the world could start rebuilding itself in harmony in peace.  

Episode 2 (3)

Claus and Peter meet for the first time

Claus helped Malfolter to torture Peter, but was unable to prevent the latest to escape with the Apple. Vidic tortured him in return to punish him.  
Episode 2 (2)

Claus receiving his next mission

Personality and skills 


He is a complex character, capable of anything to serve the Peace the New World the Templars are supposed to create. 

He deeply believes in the good side of the Templars' actions and he considers all other people expendable, making fun of their useless Death, since he is going to bring peace to the world. 

He is extremely loyal to the cause he serves. 


Claus is fluent in French, English and German. powerful fighter and excellent torturer, he was one of the most efficient Templar of this era.