Audrey "Tech" Daru is an Assassin, specialized in Animus technology, born in 1991.


Early life

Like many Assassins prior to the purge, she was born and raised into an Assassin Center, to American parents.

Although she was not a skilled fighter, she was very good with computers, so she put in special branch to put her talents at use.

Becoming "Tech"

She was often visited by Rebecca Crane, whom she considered as a big Sister. After the purge, she was adopted in a foster family and asked to become a sleeper agent, and did nothing for the Assassin in long time, resuming her life as a normal teenager. She continue to study the Abstergo's Animus and cloud, building her very own Animus.

Episode 3

In 2016, she was activated to help Emilio protect Gabrielle and help her discover her past.

Personality and skills


She is very loyal to the Assassins, and left everything behind when she was activated, including her girlfriend.


Even if she is not good at close range battle, she is good with firearms and explosives. Her main skill is hacking.


  • Daru is the Hungarian for Crane