Alexander is a member of the Templar order and official Grand Master of the order. 


Early life

When Abstergo was created in 1937, the few founders chose to leave the official face of the order to Alexander. 

While Alexander was operating during the war and the French Occupation in the open, the other Grand Masters and Founders were creating the company which would become the Templars’ face after the war. 

Episode 1 

While in 1942 he had to deal with security issues during the occupation. Tracking down the Singer with the help of his apprentice Claus, he decided to kill her as an example for anyone who would help the Assassins. 

His role was even more important when he got the Apple of Eden #4 in 1945, planning to send it to the Abstergo Headquarters. He knew that the Assassin Peter would come to kill him, and planned an ambush which succeeded.  

Episode 2

Vidic asked Claus and Malfolter to torture Peter and reveal everything the assassin could say to help them in controlling Paris again.
Episode 2 (1)

Vidic threatening Peter

However, Peter escaped before Vidic shot him in the head, and the two engaged in a fight using Canne de Combat.

Episode 2 (4)

Vidic, about to shoot Peter in the head

Peter took the upper hand, and though he did not have the time to kill him, he retrieved the Apple from Vidic. A furious Vidic would then threaten to kill Claus and Vallat, and appointed Stillman to watch over Claus in his mission to retrieve the apple, and to kill him if he were to fail again.
Episode 2 (5)

Vidic after losing the Apple

Personality and skills 


He is cold, fearless and loves to have everything under control, which makes him a frightening opponent. 

Disposing of his allies is not a problem if it means winning the battle. 


Alexander is a capable fighter in close combat; he also wields a Templar switch blade. 


  • He recently became a father. His son is named after his own grandfather, Warren.  No information was available about the mother’s whereabouts.